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RESULTS for season 2020 - 2021

CBC PREMIER Civil Sports 2 v 2 Crookes FC Paul Cooper
Jackson, Turner Mohammad, Cartledge
Cobden View 0 v 4 Royal Earl Peter Hall
Brammer, Towey, Smith 2
Norton Sportsman 3 v 1 Oughtibridge WM Adam Burgess
Lewis, Waymouth, Bennington Simms
Redmires 1 v 3 WB Pheasant Alan Hull
Whiting Carter, Foster, Askwith
Wickersley Youth 4 v 1 Norton Oaks Ross Steele
Taylor 3, Fawcett Hick
DIVISION 1 Brinsworth Phoenix 3 v 1 Colley John Reeves
Hawkes, Hallet, Murphy Waite
Boynton Sports 1 v 1 Handsworth Inn Pub Phil Furniss
Priday Haggerty
Eckington BFC 8 v 1 Intake Old Boys Steve Clarkson
Harris, Gambles 3, Renshaw 2, Stothard 2,  Wood
FC Inter 2 v 1 New Bohemians Tony Tierney
Bryan 2 Burns
Southey Social 5 v 1 Sheffield Sixers John Burrows
Damms 2, Ellis, Wheeler, Lomas Ashall
DIVISION 2 Jubilee Rangers 3 v 0 Mosborough Reds Craig Wallace
Darton, Reaney, Jackson
Nether Green 2 v 1 Beighton Magpies Paul Rodgers
H Pollard, Howson Dickinson
Prince of Wales 2 v 2 Shakey Paul Holmes
Simmonds, Hawkins Moorhouse, Taylor
Renegade Football P v P Chapeltown RBL
Match Postponed - Other
Wadsley Jack Ath P v P Killamarsh Juniors
Match Postponed - Other
Woodhouse JFC 0 v 9 Brinsworth Whitehill Ben Shirt-Clarkson
McGuiness, Daughtrey, Szanto 3, Claxton 3, Hare
CBC PREMIER Norton Oaks 1 v 4 Civil Sports Tony Tierney
Lennox Turner 2, T Bamford, Brown
Stannington Village 3 v 2 Norton Sportsman Gareth Thomas
A Gadour 2, Hobson Mawbey, Lewis
WB Pheasant 5 v 1 Cobden View Craig Couldwell
Askwith 3, Donohoe, Fothergill Pitt
DIVISION 1 Boynton Sports 7 v 0 Southey Social John Reeves
Cockburn 2, Gamban 2, Peacock, Z Ballinger, Civil
Colley 3 v 5 Eckington BFC John Burrows
Thorley 2, Dempsey Gambles, OG, Haydock, Renshaw, Harris
New Bohemians 2 v 1 Brinsworth Phoenix Andy Hogg
Smith, Burns Hawkes
Sheffield Sixers 4 v 5 FC Inter Ron Akers
Buxton 2, Harrison, Davies Lees, Read, Bryan, Ward, Justice
DIVISION 2 Beighton Magpies 0 v 6 Nether Green Adam Burgess
Howson 2, Smith, Ford, Phillips, Davis
Brinsworth Whitehill 6 v 1 Jubilee Rangers Ben Boardman
Claxton 3, Hare,Daughtrey, McGuiness Jackson
Killamarsh Juniors 3 v 8 Woodhouse JFC Kevin Bridges
Taylor 2, Turner Williams 2, Howson 2, Thompson, McEnery, Duffield, Walker
Mosborough Reds 3 v 0 Wadsley Jack Ath Ross Steele
Leonard, Smith 2
Prince of Wales 0 v 11 Renegade Football John Lees
Jacobs 5, Cowlishaw 3, Vella 2, Gordon
Shakey 1 v 2 Chapeltown RBL Dave Evans
Moorhouse Moorhouse, Wadsworth
CBC PREMIER Cobden View 2 v 4 Stannington Village Tony Clubb
Porter, Cutler Green, Gadour, Flynn, Hawksworth
Crookes FC 8 v 0 Oughtibridge WM John Reeves
Downes, Smith 2 Mohammad 2, Purkiss, Cartledge, Knowles
Norton Sportsman 7 v 1 Royal Earl Tony Tierney
Winters 2, Archer 2, Lewis, Gibbons, Pryde Brammer
Redmires 5 v 0 Norton Oaks Andy Hogg
Whiting 3, Wall 2
Wickersley Youth 1 v 0 WB Pheasant Peter Hall
DIVISION 1 Brinsworth Phoenix 4 v 3 Boynton Sports Paul Cooper
Hawkes 3, Brookfield Gamban, Davies, Thompson
Cotts FC 5 v 1 Colley Ron Akers
Shaw 3, Stacey, Haywood Onja
Eckington BFC 4 v 2 Southey Social Adam Burgess
Haydock, T Gambles, Renshaw 2 Guest, Damms
FC Inter 2 v 2 Sheffield Sixers Craig Couldwell
Southwell 2 Lomax, Barnsley
Handsworth Inn Pub 5 v 1 New Bohemians Ross Steele
Hobson, Gibson 3, Haggerty Brownell
DIVISION 2 Chapeltown RBL 9 v 0 Killamarsh Juniors Jason Baker
Simpson 3, Moorhouse, Dennison, Nkhata, Wright, Cowell 2
Jubilee Rangers 6 v 0 Beighton Magpies Paul Holmes
Trotter 2, Shaw, Beresford, Smith, Vigrass
Nether Green P v P Brinsworth Whitehill
Match postponed
Renegade Football P v P Shakey
Match postponed
Wadsley Jack Ath 1 v 6 Mosborough Reds John Lees
Smith Turner, Smith 2, Ncube 2,Hotchin
Woodhouse JFC 1 v 4 Prince of Wales Andy Morris
Howson Hawkins, McIntosh, Waterhouse, Eales
27-Sep             Referee  
CBC PREMIER Cobden View 4 v 4 Civil Sports John Reeves
Porter, Pursehouse, Ellis, Pitt Brown 2, Turner 2
Oughtibridge WM 1 v 3 Crookes FC Dave Evans
OG Parkin, Flynn, Fox
Royal Earl P v P Wickersley Youth
Match Postponed
Stannington Village 5 v 3 Redmires Adam Burgess
Flynn, Gadour 2, Bond, Johnstone Whiting 3
WB Pheasant 3 v 3 Norton Sportsman Paul Cooper
Askwith, Donohoe, Carty Gibbons, Archer, Gibson
DIVISION 1 Boynton Sports 0 v 4 Eckington BFC Gareth Thomas
T Gambles 2, Fieldhouse, Haydock
Brinsworth Phoenix 1 v 2 Cotts FC Andy Hogg
Hawkes Blythen, Fells
Intake Old Boys 4 v 3 Southey Social Ian Cox
Wood, Garwell, Chamberlain, Butler Damms 2, Danks
New Bohemians 3 v 3 FC Inter John Lees
Brownell 2, M Beck Read, Turner, Lees
Sheffield Sixers 2 v 2 Handsworth Inn Pub John Burrows
Barnsley, Davies Hobson 2
DIVISION 2 Beighton Magpies 0 v 3 Chapeltown RBL Kevin Bridges
Dimelow, Moorhouse, Stringer
Brinsworth Whitehill 7 v 1 Wadsley Jack Ath Ron Akers
Claxton 3, Watson,Szanto, Houghton, McGuiness Scott
Killamarsh Juniors P v P Shakey
Match Postponed
Mosborough Reds 0 v 4 Nether Green Ross Steele
Smith, Phillips, Price, Humphries
Prince of Wales 3 v 3 Jubilee Rangers Anthony Rossiter
Waterhouse, Simmonds, Neilson Jackson, Darton, Thompson
Woodhouse JFC 1 v 6 Renegade Football Ben Boardman
Lockwood Gordon, Jacobs, Gunter, Higgins, Lindsay, Thomas
CBC PREMIER Civil Sports 6 v 0 Norton Oaks Paul Matthewson
Turner 3, Hopkins, Gordon-Hides, T Bamford
Crookes FC 3 v 1 WB Pheasant Paul Cooper
Jerrison, Purkiss 2 Ord
Norton Sportsman 2 v 2 Stannington Village Steve Clarkson
Winters, Gibson Haslam, Dickinson
Redmires 5 v 1 Oughtibridge WM Tony Tierney
Whiting 3, Reet, Grant Simms
Wickersley Youth 2 v 1 Royal Earl Adam Burgess
Taylor, Hartshorn Chappell
DIVISION 1 Cotts FC 3 v 1 New Bohemians John Reeves
Houghton 2, Reed Brownell
Eckington BFC 3 v 1 Brinsworth Phoenix Carl Gibson
Harris, Foulstone, Stothard Mellor
FC Inter 1 v 2 Colley Ron Akers
Read Jebson, Belshaw
Handsworth Inn Pub 6 v 2 Intake Old Boys Craig Couldwell
Haggerty, Bowler, Hobson, Gibson 2, Ellis Rossiter 2
Southey Social 3 v 3 Boynton Sports Peter Hall
Damms 2, Dickens Gamban 2, Peacock
DIVISION 2 Chapeltown RBL 3 v 4 Mosborough Reds Andy Hogg
Cowell, Simpson, Moorhouse Arrand 4
Jubilee Rangers 1 v 0 Woodhouse JFC Craig Grundy
Nether Green 6 v 3 Prince of Wales Paul Holmes
Benaissa, Baldrey, Davis 2, Farell, Hollis-Smith Gray 2, Elliott
Renegade Football 13 v 2 Killamarsh Juniors Ross Steele
Gordon 4, Jacobs 3, Vella 2, Lindsay 2, Denby, Higgins Webster, Platton
Shakey 3 v 2 Beighton Magpies John Burrows
Dickinson 3 Dickinson, Simpson
13-Sep             Referee  
CBC PREMIER Cobden View 1 v 3 Norton Sportsman Pete Henger
Slater Pryde, Rogers, Waymouth
Redmires 7 v 0 Civil Sports Paul Rodgers
Whiting 3, Rudd, Wall, Knaggs, Reet
Royal Earl 3 v 2 Crookes FC Gareth Thomas
Smith, Chappel, Towey Jerrison, Knowles
Stannington Village 3 v 0 Norton Oaks Paul Cooper
OG 3 Match Abandoned - Result awarded to Stannington Village
WB Pheasant 3 v 0 Wickersley Youth Dave Evans
Todd 2, Holmes
DIVISION 1 Boynton Sports 2 v 0 FC Inter John Reeves
Thompson 2
Brinsworth Phoenix 3 v 0 Southey Social Michael Warner
Griffiths, Hawkes, Mellor
Colley 1 v 6 Handsworth Inn Pub Anthony Rossiter
Thorley Haggerty, Shackshaft, Marsden 3, Ellis
Eckington BFC 1 v 4 Cotts FC Tony Tierney
Harris Fells 2, Haywood, Shaw
DIVISION 2 Beighton Magpies 4 v 0 Killamarsh Juniors Keith Firminger
Dickinson 3, Milne
Brinsworth Whitehill 4 v 0 Chapeltown RBL Ben Boardman
Hare, Nix, Gagen, Szanto
Jubilee Rangers 3 v 3 Renegade Football John Burrows
Darton 2, Beresford Gordon, Gunter, Jacobs
Mosborough Reds 1 v 2 Shakey Adam Burgess
Smith Taylor, Brown
Prince of Wales 1 v 8 Wadsley Jack Ath Kevin Bridges
Simmonds Scott, E Wilkinson 4, Smith, James
Woodhouse JFC 1 v 5 Nether Green John Lees
Ali Smith 2, Bennessa, Howson, Baldrey
06-Sep             Referee  
CBC PREMIER Civil Sports 1 v 1 Oughtibridge WM John Reeves
Turner Long
Crookes FC 1 v 0 Stannington Village Andy Hogg
Norton Oaks P v P WB Pheasant
Wickersley Youth 1 v 0 Cobden View Paul Cooper
DIVISION 1 Cotts FC 4 v 1 Sheffield Sixers Adam Burgess
Blythen 3, Dolan Davies
FC Inter 3 v 1 Brinsworth Phoenix Paul Rodgers
Southwell, Knapton, Read Statham
Handsworth Inn Pub A v A Boynton Sports Jason Baker
Spectator collapsed
New Bohemians 3 v 2 Intake Old Boys Kevin Bridges
Smith, M Beck, T Beck Rossiter, Wood
Southey Social P v P Colley
DIVISION 2 Beighton Magpies 3 v 2 Wadsley Jack Ath Anthony Rossiter
Milne, King, D Featherstone Wilkinson, Dearns
Chapeltown RBL A v A Prince of Wales Andy Morris
Player injured
Killamarsh Juniors 1 v 6 Mosborough Reds Paul Holmes
Tyler Russell, Ncube 2, Smith 2, Greaves
Nether Green 3 v 0 Jubilee Rangers Perri Dando
Hollis-Smith 2, Davis
Shakey 1 v 7 Brinsworth Whitehill Ross Steele
Booth Hare 4, Claxton 2, McGuiness,


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